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Cold walls in corner due to air leakage

We find the energy wasting and problem areas in your home and explain how to handle them cost effectively!              

     Energy efficiency is your best investment.


With certification from the Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst Professional, I practice as a Professional Energy Auditor.  A portion of my technical education consists of US Navy training as a Nuclear Power Plant Operator on Submarines, I have a broad technical background in systems, controls and heat transfer.  As a Mechancial Designer of heating systems in New England I have the ability to recognize system deficiencies and recommend upgrades and intergration of various heating systems and fuels.  Our principle focus is testing of homes and buildings, but some home performance contracting work is performed upon customer request.  We have done work in the Home Performance with Energy Star progam a US Government progarm that has established industry and testing standards.

RESNET rater training has also been accomplished, to provide certified Energy Ratings to new homes and homes in the design phase.

My contracting background allows me draw upon my broad experience to evaluate insulation systems, windows and ventilation requirements.  Continuing education and classwork is required to maintain certification and to keep up with changes to Energy and Building codes and requirements.

The focus is to improve the energy efficiency of existing homes and commercial buildings by testing and identifying problems and presenting solutions to these problems. We work to maximize the comfort, safety, and durability of buildings while minimizing their operating costs and environmental impact.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding your home's comfort, health, safety or energy use and our services. 

Homeowner Education is our main product to help you best understand your home and operate it better for both energy efficiency and family safety.  Our written report, highlights problems as well as  specific areas for improvement and upgrades that will give you confidence to discuss projects with contractors or do the work yourself using proven technology.  Your family will enjoy the long term benefits of improved efficiency, better comfort and family safety in your home enviroment.

Disclaimer: As much as we try to consider all the factors involved in the complicated systems that is your home, report information is my personal opinion, a snapshot in time and the operation, upkeep, maintenace and systems are the owners responsibility.  Experts do not always agree on all the issues regarding building energy flow and mechanical systems and we do not take responsibilty for weather, unforseen defects, contractor workmanship or advice.  You must be the judge of your building enviroment and be aware of conditions and developing situations as you live in and operate your home.                                                                                            Knowledge is the key to opening the door to energy efficiency. 


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